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Keynote Speaker


Ellen Langford is a painter whose body of work is inspired by landscapes, chance meetings, and the South’s mighty cross-currents. Ellen notices and captures the relationships between the land and its inhabitants – a child with his dog, a clothesline in the breeze, a figure with the landscape. We don’t only see them in her paintings, we feel that joyful connection.

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2022 Fall Conference

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Dates: November 10-12, 2022


  • Thurs.: Mississippi Museum of Art & Pearl River Glass

  • Fri.: MS Museum of Art

  • Sat.: Belhaven University

Thursday Studio Sessions:

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Visual Fiction Painting Master Class
with Ellen Langford

In this painting workshop, we will be creating short works of visual fiction using positive and negative space, light and dark, texture and story. Over the course of our workshop we will push our comfort zones and breathe into the between-place between intention and experience. We will allow ourselves to make mistakes and find that they give us beautiful moments greater than anything we could have intended ourselves. We will see at the end of the day we have written a story in form and color. A story we didn’t even know was inside us. This is a negativity-free zone. Especially to your own self. Information is not integration.

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Fused Glass at Pearl River Glass
with Melanie McKinley

Back by popular demand, Pearl River Glass will offer a concentration in their studios in Midtown Jackson. Participants will learn about fused glass, gain skills to cut and assemble glass, and create a glass platter to keep.


Acrylic on Abstract Platforms Masterclass with Sabrina Howard

In this workshop, students will exist within the art of recycling with a traditional studio vibe by painting on repurposed canvases assembled using simple tools. From a selection of various sized repurposed canvases, students will select two or 3 canvases and will abstractly assemble them in preparation of the final piece, including the addition of hanging hardware. Afterwards the surfaces will be prepared to create the final art where participants will create an image onto the canvases.

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Pastels: Materials & Methods

with Cheryl Presley Becker

Pastels are pure sticks of dry pigment, most brilliant in single application and refreshingly simple in their economy of materials and time. In this studio workshop, you will learn basic steps and skills to produce a seemingly spontaneous composition. This workshop will cover: A Materials and methods overview of Experimentation with hard and soft pastels, Introduction of surface textures and colors, the Great Eight(supply pack for teaching/ travel), and the Exploration of color relationships, bold lines, voluminous shapes, and contrasting values within miniature “still lifes” which are surprisingly suitable for Framing!

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Joyful Learning Art Party
Friday, Nov. 12, 2022
Costume Theme: What artist or art brings you joy?

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