Born and raised in Jackson, MS. I studied at both Miss State and the University of Southern Miss where I received my bachelor's degree in Interior Design and a minor in Art. For a few years after college I owned Paint It My Way in Jackson where I realized my true calling was teaching art, not just providing a great venue for it. I went back to school at Belhaven, and received my Master's in Teaching. Since then I have held various positions in the Art Education field and I am very excited to be at Madison Middle teaching Design I, Photography, and Advanced Art.


2017 Fall Newsletter

Cover Art: Pretty Poison by Jeremy Donahue 

Teacher: Renna Moore, Forrest Hill High School

Teacher Feature: Q&A with New Members

Featured Article:"A Legend Designer: Chuck Rhoads" by Camille Andings

Announcing Our New MAEA Logo!

Cover of MAEA Fall 2017 Newsletter

2017 Winter Newsletter

Cover Art: Winter Magic by Alauran Allen

Teacher: Elise Payne, Power APAC

Teacher Feature: Q&A with Newsletter & Technology Chairs

Featured Article:"The Intersection Between Art and Science" by Shirley Hamilton

YAM: Theme and Deadline

2018 Spring Newsletter

Cover Art: Night Out by Moriah Roland

Teacher: Martha Hamburg, Power APAC

Featured Articles: "Enjoying Candy in More Ways than One!" by Melissa Magee

"Butterflies and Arts Integration" by Gene Everitt

YAM Winners

Cover of MAEA Fall 2017 Newsletter

2018 Fall Newsletter

Cover Art: Saints Blue Dog by Aubree Jermyn

Teacher: Brandi Hoxie, Popp's Ferry Elementary

Featured Articles: "Embracing the Blue Dog" by Brandi Hoxie & Teacher Features

Past Newsletters

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2019 Winter Newsletter

Cover Art: Disfrutando Este Mango Con Chamoy En El Mercado by Edgardo Urbano

Teacher: Renna Moore, Forest Hill High School

Featured Articles: Resist Fabric Dyeing, Verge JXN!, & YAM: Winners

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2019 Spring Newsletter

Cover Art: Stitched Across My Skin

by Brittany Bradley

Teacher: Renna Moore, Forest Hill High School

Featured Articles: New MAEA Officers, Rising Stars Secondary and

Recognition Award

2019 Fall Newsletter

Cover Art: Attack by Ahnnah Newell

Teacher: Carla Nations, Florence High School

Featured Articles: Dot Day & Embracing Everyone's Differences!

Youth Art Month Information

2017 Spring Newsletter
Teacher Feature: Q&A with Retirees
Introducing the 2017-19 Board of Directors and Officers
 Featured Article: "Flying High with the Mississippi Arts Commission Teaching Artists" by Amanda Koonlaba
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2020 Winter Newsletter

Cover Art: Behind the Clouds by Avery Holland

Teacher: Catie Stoltzfus, Madison Middle School

Featured Articles: Inspiring Good Deeds Through Art, Designing Ornaments for the Mississippi Tree, and YAM Winners!


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